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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble a GPS Navigation Device

Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as modding and cleaning tutorials for GPS navigation devices. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Delorme Tripmate [external link]Self-start and external power mod (some pin-outs included).
Delorme Tripmate [archived link]This navigation device is designed to operate on 6 volts DC. You can run it off 4 AA batteries that mount inside it's case. But it's possible to modify the navigation device for a 12 volt power supply and use in APRS.
Delorme Tripmate [archived link]Installing an APRs TNC directly inside of the GPS device.
Delorme Tripmate [archived link]Building a tracker from an old GPS. Layout and Wiring diagrams from the MIM experiment.
Delorme Tripmate [external link]How to build an adapter to work with the Tinytrak 3 APRS controller.
Fortuna GPSmart - BT [external link]Some pictures of the internals.
Garmin GPS III [external link]This HOWTO shows two ways to extend the battery life: you can either take apart the housing and solder a better battery in or you can build a battery pack (in German).
Garmin eTrex [external link]Pinout of the round connector, being used with the Garmin 12, 12xl, 38, 40, 45, 48, 76, 89, 90, 92, 176, 295, GPS II, II+, III, III+, V and Street Pilot.
Garmin eTrex [external link]How to use a piece of credit-card (or any suitable plastic) for hacking the proprietary connector.
Garmin eTrex [external link]Dead GPS device? - How to open, disassemble and repair the navigation device.
Garmin eTrex Vista [external link]How to fix problems with the click-stick caused by a bad electrical contact. A complete guide with detailed take apart pictures.
Garmin eTrex/eMap [external link]How to build a GPS & data cable for the Kenwood D7A transceiver.
Garmin 38/40/45/90 [external link]Some photos of the internals.
Garmin GPSmap 76Cs [external link]Shock-Proof your GPS to prevent unintended power-downs.
Garmin Map 176/176C [external link]Schematics for a cable to hook a GPS to a Handspring Visor PDA.
Gumstix [external link]Active antenna modification: the GPS Stix daughter board comes set up for passive antennas only, to get it to work with a passive antenna you need to make a small modification.
Magellan 310, 315, 320 [external link]Due to the high price of the "official" datacable, it's worth to make a homemade cable to connect the GPS device to a PC.
Magellan 315/320  [external link]This guide shows how to make a custom data cable (in Finnish).
Magellan 2000 [external link]A picture of the innards: the 44 pin PLCC in it's socket.
Magellan Meridian [external link]Selfmade USB data & power cable.
Magellan Meridian [external link]How to build a custom power cable (in German).
Pretec compactGPS CF-Card [external link]How to modify the CompactFlash Card to work with a standard serial port. This modding will allow you to use the device using your PDA serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit.
Silva Atlas (aka Lowrance iFinder, Brunton Atlas) [external link]9-pin RS-232 cable pinouts.
TomTom Go 300 [archived link]Dismantling instructions and pictures.
TomTom Go Car Docking Station [external link]Dissection with take apart pictures.
TomTom Go [external link]Quick and dirty connector. Making a connector is quite easy. All you need is a PCB with suitably arranged traces, plus some things to act as spacers. Pieces of a PCB work great for this.
TomTom Go [external link]A cheap and easy device stand made from a Printed Circuit Board - PCB.
T-Mobile NaviGate GPS Mouse (aka Falcom NAVI-1) [external link]Here are instructions to remove some NMEA protocol restrictions of the GPS mouse for S60 SmartPhones.
XAiOX NavOne Bluetooth GPS-Receiver [external link]How to take apart the GPS mouse. An illustrated guide (in German).

DIY GPS Devices and Accessories

DIY DGPS [external link]Design information for a differential GPS (DGPS) receiver.
DIY GPS Tracker [external link]A small do-it-yourself GPS tracker device with no display, which stores waypoints on a MMC/SD card (in German).
DIY GPS Logger [external link]A selfmade NMEA waypoint logger with serial RS-232 interface (available in German also).
SeaTalk NMEA Bridge [external link]How to connect SeaTalk and other NMEA devices (in German).
DIY Frequency Normal [external link]How to make a ham radion frequency normal based on GPS signals (in German).

Linux, Laptops, PDAs

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